Advisory Services

Advisory Services

TLH advisory services focuses on corporate real estate optimization for companies that require a fresh perspective on real estate utilization. The approach focuses on reducing the expense and size of the portfolio while improving underlying business profitability and efficiency. The work is critical for corporations that are facing a challenging business environment and that have historically not managed real estate as a separate asset class within the business.

Our in-house perspective as owners and investors enables us to provide the in-depth knowledge and resources needed to maximize the value of leased and owned real estate. In general, we seek to minimize occupancy costs by repositioning footprints to align with corporate strategy. We have experience in office, retail, industrial and special use facilities and in sectors that include media, government, retail, banking, manufacturing and construction.

  • Asset Management
  • Lease Restructuring
  • Dispositions
  • Redevelopment
  • Real Estate Tax Management
  • Valuation

Solutions are tailored to individual corporations but the process starts with understanding total expense and value of the portfolio while working with key executives to understand priorities related to critical facilities, underperforming locations and underutilized spaces. TLH then uses multiple real estate strategies to create an executable plan to achieve the optimal real estate portfolio.

For execution, TLH partners with Praxis, an in house brokerage team with a nationally established network of real estate professionals. This hyper local process unlocks specific knowledge of the nuances that exist within each market. Together and with continued oversight, we hire best-in-class local brokers to assist in executing each individual business plan.

Recent Success

TLH recently executed a strategy for one of its clients that resulted in the reduction of their real estate footprint from 7.0M to 2.5M square feet and reduced annual operating expenses by $35M over a four-year period. TLH simultaneously unlocked $150mm of fresh capital from the sale of owned property. The real estate consisted of a headquarter location, critical facilities, production hubs, a national industrial distribution network and diversely located satellite office and retail locations. This restructuring improved the operational efficiency, modernized the employee environmental while improving the balance sheet and increasing profitability.